The best way to contact Dr. Lester is to write him at his Colorado office address:

Gregory W. Lester, Ph.D.
111 Harrison, Suite 1
Denver, Colorado 80206

Or to call him at his Colorado office telephone number:


You are also welcome to contact Dr. Lester by e-mail at

ATTENTION: Before leaving Dr. Lester an e-mail please note that, due to the demands of his travel and training schedule, Dr. Lester is often unable to check e-mail frequently. This means that it could be a substantial period of time - even a week or more - before Dr. Lester can reply to an e-mail message. If you require prompt contact or a prompt response, please contact Dr. Lester by telephone. Finally, if you do leave an e-mail for Dr. Lester, please write “web site referral” in the subject line so that your mail is not accidentally deleted as spam.


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