Dr. Lester has presented on a wide variety of topics involving psychology, emotions, and human behavior. Every talk he gives is unique, as he always tailors presentations to the needs of the meeting and its participants. Some of his most popular topics include:

For Professional Audiences

Personality Disorders in Social Work, Mental Health, and Health Care

Personality Disorders: Advanced Interventions

Borderline Personality Disorder: Treatment and Management that Works

The Suicidal Personality Disordered Patient: Treatment and Management

Addictive Disorders: 21st Century Management and Treatment

For General Audiences

Power With People: How to Handle Just About Anyone

The Ones Who Make You Mad and Drive You Crazy: Personality Disorders

When Everybody’s Mad: Successfully Managing and Resolving Conflict

Medicine for Everyday Life: How to Stay Up When Everything’s Down

Why Stress Management Doesn’t Work and What to Do About It

You and Change: Why It’s So Difficult and How to Master It

Dr. Lester can tailor his talks to all-day trainings, breakout wsessions, or keynote presentations. Please see the Booking Dr. Lester page for further information about Dr. Lester’s speaking and how to book him to present to your meeting, agency, or organization.

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