Dr. Lester is Senior Research Director with the Improvement Research Group. He has designed, performed, and published a variety of studies. Several of his projects have included:

For the Medical Risk Management Industry

Dr. Lester performed the first controlled, experimental study to demonstrate that physicians’ interpersonal behavior is a greater risk factor for malpractice lawsuits than is the medical outcome of the case. The study was published in the official medical journal of five states, abstracted in The Journal of the American Medical Association, presented to the Noah Worcester Medical Society, and reported in Emergency Medicine News, The Yearbook of Family Practice, and Dermatology Times.

For the Psychotherapy Industry

Dr. Lester performed the first study to demonstrate that the primary trigger for depression is experiences rather than expectations.

For the Marriage Counseling Industry

Dr. Lester performed one of the first studies to demonstrate that the specific model ofcounseling used by a counselor is less important to the outcome of the case than is the engagement of the couple in an ongoing, treatment-oriented course of psychotherapy.

Dr. Lester has several studies currently underway, including:

For Diocesan Vocations Offices

A study designed to empirically identify and validate the personal and psychological factors that predict seminary success.

For more information about Dr. Lester’s research activities and the cutting-edge research performed by the Improvement Research Group, please visit their web site.

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